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Thanks to Mr.D for today's photo opportunity, for 'twas he what tipped us off concerning the arrival of this repro slave ship in the pool of London...stuck here just by Sugar Quay (how ironic).  I'm usually one for a realistic approach to processing my photos but, although the glowering light today was a bit weird it didn't really look like this.  Ah, well..... life eh?

20070329   21:01

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First dragonfly of spring?

Though somehow I don't think I'll get away with posting this over at the London Daily Nature Photo...never mind, should be some real dragons around soon.  At which point it will become the London Daily Dragonfly Photo.  And why not?

Meanwhile, I think it's supposed to be seating.

20070328   10:21

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We're just about to use up our last bag of frozen reduced tomatoes from last year's crop for cooking with.  Though, as you can see, this season's second sowings are just starting to come up, I think it might be some time before we have any tomatoes.  Shame, even the highest quality shop bought ones don't taste as good.

20070322   9:30

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Frogs Born

Well what else was it going to be?  How else to signify spring?  Daffs?  Fluffy ducklings? Bunny wunnies?  Nah..... (though they may all come later)

Frogsborn as our youngest used to call it... and there was logic in this, wasn't there?  From this will the London Daily Nature Photo Blog be hatched.

Stuff will continue here too, but most of the London NAture stuff will go there.  So now you know.

20070321   14:53

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Planarchy has a strange history.  When I first started playing around with the site that it became it wasn't going to be a blog at all.  In fact I'd never even heard of Blogs back then.  It was going to be a site to showcase some of my music since the internet was bound to be the future way of promoting such things.  However, I was clearly way ahead of my time on that one and in the meantime I discovered all about blogs via the Grauniad's much maligned Best UK BLog competition
"I can do that!"
I thought. 
And so I have on and off for the last four and a half years, managing to post a couple of times most weeks and, more importantly to me, in doing so have come to know a lot of really great people both through their blogs and comments here and also, in many cases, in the flesh.

Anyway, I digress, I don't mean to get all deep and meaningful and this certainly isn't a goodbye post.  It's an announcement of something new that I've been pondering for several months.  Some of you have already discovered it in its test form (which I admit only half surprised me), so you'll know what I'm on about.  The rest of you will have to wait until tomorrow which, as the first day of spring, seemed like the best time to start.

Hope to see you then.

20070320   11:01

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St.Patrick's Day

A temping agency that Mrs.Planarchy uses to staff her department sent round these two cans of Guinness yesterday in celebration of St.Patrick's day.  Zee doesn't actually drink the beautiful deep brown stuff.  But I do.  Which is nice.  So cheers agency that will remain anonymous (it takes more than two cans of beer to buy Planarchists....... at least half a dozen, say).

Apt that a temping agency should provide us with some Guinness though as it links in nicely with something else that I always associate with this day.....

Many, many moons ago the Planarchist was in charge of a laboratory in an evil GlobalCorp type food company.  And he needed a new laboratory technician on a temporary basis.  So he asked a temp agency (you see the first bit of the link?) to get him one.  Since it was St.Patrick's day (the second part of the link) he then went down the pub with his co-workers and drank a whole pint of Guinness.  This was very nice.  Then he came back from the pub and had to interview a candidate for the vacancy.  The candidate turned out to be a young Irish woman.  The Planarchist viewed this as a sign and gave her the job.   Soon afterwards she met one of the Planarchist's co-workers/friends and they fell in love.  Then they got married and had a beautiful baby daughter.

All thanks to St.Patrick's Day and Guinness.... so cheers, have a good one all.

20070317   12:31

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Eight Years!!!

These anniversaries seem to be speeding up, don't they? 

Last night we celebrated eight years since the girls came to live with us with several pizzas from a local Italian restaurant.  By which I mean that last night we had the pizzas by way of a celebration.... they didn't come with the girls eight years ago.  Teen Kay also had some bits of a dead animal as is her wont.  It must be hard living with three non-meat eaters. 

And here for a change, rather than one of my efforts, is a picture that Dee took of the two of them when it snowed................. only seven weeks ago......hard to believe with the current near summer temperatures.

20070314   16:01

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...yep, there's been a lot of croaking in the garden over the last couple of nights.  This morning the pond showed its first spawn of the year.... five days earlier than last year and the year beefier.  What more proof of Global Warming does one need?  Rollover the picture for a real-life croaking frog. 

Without the sound.

And here's my reflection in a frog's eye, something I always seem to end up photographing as I see just how close I can get to the frogs.

20070305   18:38

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Total eclipse of the....moon

So, did you get to see the lunar eclipse last night?  'twas rather a fine one, wasn't it?  Not perfect for viewing but an awful lot clearer than for most I've seen.  Slideshow of some of my photos here.

The sky really was quite clear before it started but, by the time the earth's shadow began to cover the lower part of the lunar disc we'd lost a bit of clarity due to some high hazy cloud.  It was still easy to follow the shadow as it moved across the moon and soon we were left with nout but a small crescent of light.  At this point I drastically increased the exposure time on the camera to bring out the shadowed surface which had a slight orange tinge (I've not adjusted the colours in any way).  As the earth continued to move between sun and moon the whole surface took on this orange hue.  We had an orange moon for just over an hour before the moon moved out of the earth's shadow and once again started to come into the sunlight.  By the time I went to bed at about half-twelve we were well on the way back to a normal full moon. 

Excellent to see, hope you enjoyed it too...and many thanks to DG for reminding us all it was on!

..just added a page with all the photos, unless you've got a really wide monitor you may need to scroll!

20070304   17:13

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St.David's Day today apparently.  So have a Daff.  Not quite as good as " 'ave a banana" but there you go.  Doh, where's the rest of them?

It's all a bit yellow isn't it?

20070301   14:28

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